ESSI Consultants, Real-ESSI Training Courses

  • Introduction to Real-ESSI Cloud
    Running Real-ESSI in the Cloud with AWS using FEM Direct From the Cloud. Training the tools and processes for inexpensive, secure and efficient cloud use.
  • Essential Real-ESSI
    The introduction to Real-ESSI Simulator system. Brief theoretical background, overview of capabilities, introduction to examples.
  • Applied Real-ESSI
    The application of Real-ESSI practical problems related to earthquakes, soils, structures and their interaction. This course can be customized depending on needs and interests of clients.
  • Real-ESSI Training On-Site
    Real-ESSI training, delivered at your site. A customized learning experience to build long term, in-house Real-ESSI capability and processes.
  • Real-ESSI Classroom Training
    Real-ESSI training in a classroom at a course site, led by a recognised Real-ESSI experts. Hands-on experience, with peer interaction, to accelerate learning and increase confidence.
  • ESSI Live Virtual Training
    Real-ESSI training online, led by an instructors with recognised Real-ESSI expertise. Delivering most classroom training benefits, without added travel cost.

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