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Real-ESSI program is available in the cloud on Amazon Web Services computers around the world.

Steps to run Real-ESSI on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  • Launch an Instance : Launch instances of Ubuntu Linux with Real-ESSI, ParaView on AWS EC2.

  • Connect to the Instance : Connect to the cloud with SSH and start running FEM simulations with Real-ESSI.

  • Remote Desktop : Connect the remote desktop to the cloud to start running and visualizing FEM simulations.

  • Command Line Interface : Use the CLI to launch and manage instances, transfer data and run Real-ESSI applications.

  • Data Storage : Information and settings about persistent storage of data with Elastic Block Store (EBS).

Detailed description of how to start and use Real-ESSI on AWS is available HERE.

Cost of Real-ESSI in the Cloud

The cost breakdown for using Real-ESSI on AWS (EC2) is:
  • AWS computer cost;
  • There are 3 ways to pay for AWS computer cost (EC2 instances)

    • On-Demand instance, offers a real, instant pay-per-use model. On-Demand instance is sold at a fixed price, and AWS computer availability is guaranteed (within the limits of the service-level agreement). Running Real-ESSI On-Demand Instance: User prepares simulation runs, and then can simulate problems at hand immediately.
    • Spot instance uses spare AWS computers that users can bid for. Prices for those spot instances fluctuate based on the supply and demand of available AWS computers.  When a user makes a bid for a Spot instance, a spot instance is launched when the bid exceeds the current Spot market price, and continues until terminated by the user. The user is charged the Spot market pricenot the bid price - while the instance runs. Spot instances can offer substantial savings over On-Demand instances, as shown in the AWS Spot Bid Advisor Running Real-ESSI using Spot instance: User can prepare simulation runs, and then bid on computer hardware and run simulations at later time, when cost is acceptable.
    • Reserved Instance uses spare AWS computers during scheduled, later time as determined by AWS and reserved by the user. Running Real-ESSI using Reserved Instance: User prepares simulation runs, and then reserves AWS computer to simulate problem at hand at predetermined/reserved time.

  • AWS data storage cost;
  • Input data/files and output data/files are stored using:

    • Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) attached to a AWS computer (EC2 instance) during simulation run.  Storage cost is charged by the size of storage in GB per month, pro-rated to the hour, until the storage is released. The cost of EBS is typically $0.10 per GB per month.   When running Real-ESSI program on AWS computer, the storage is used during simulation, while the data (input and output) is transferred out of the AWS computer, to other type of storage that is cheaper, called S3, see below, or to user desktop computer, before AWS computer/instance is terminated and storage released. 
    • Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) offers better value for longer term data storage.  S3 pricing varies by region and frequency of access. Cost of S3 storage is typically between $0.0125 are $0.03 per GB per month. 
    • Amazon Glacier provides storage at an even lower cost of $0.007 per GB per month for data archiving.

  • AWS data transfer cost, between user-desktop and AWS computers;
  • Data transfer charges are listed as part of the On-Demand EC2 pricing.   Transfer is typically charged at $0.09 per GB beyond the first 1GB of data and up to the first 1TB of a given month. After the first TB, price drops down.

  • Real-ESSI program cost.
  • Real-ESSI program charges are calculated per hour, in addition to AWS charges (computer, and storage).  The Real-ESSI program costs are listed on the Real-ESSI product page on AWS. All the other software that is available within Real-ESSI Simulator system (pre- and post-processors), other than Real-ESSI program, is free and requires no additional fees.

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